Hatake Ken Special story: in Boruto Naruto Next Generations. (Anime ver.)


  Hatake Ken Special 1: Mission rank S Protecting 6th Hokage. Update full ep. Dec 2019.
  Hatake Ken Special 2: I’m not a playboy! Sep 2019
  Hatake Ken Special 3: The lost girls mission. Update full ep. May 2020
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Hatake. June 2021
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Hatake moments. July 2020
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Boruto and Himawari. December 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 4: Bad habit. (Ken and his friends) Update full ep. February 2020.
  Hatake Ken Special 5: Blind date. New update!!
April 2022
  Hatake Ken Special 6: Valentine’s Day. February 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 7: White Day. March 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 8: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 1 September 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 9: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 2 September 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 10: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 3 April 2021
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Ninken and Kittens [collab with my friend’s OC] April 2021
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Asuka and Shikadai [collab with my friend’s OC] January 2022
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Taishiro and Hazakura. [collab with my friend’s OC] April 2022
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): Safe. June 2021
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): I’m sorry. December 2020
  Hatake Ken Special 11: Unknown world part 1 July 2021
  Hatake Ken Special 12: Unknown world part 2 August 2021
  Hatake Ken Special 13: Unknown world part 3 January 2022 
  Hatake Ken Special 14: Unknown world part 4 March 2022
  Hatake Ken (Special shot): The cut scene moment with Mirai (from Unknown world part 4) March 2022
  Hatake Ken Special 15 : Summer. (Soon…)  


  Naruto High school AU Special. [Next generations] (Story shot) June 2021


Hatake Ken Story: Ken Gaiden. (Anime ver.)

Content during his childhood.


  Ken Gaiden EP. 1: Hatake Ken, the cunning Ninja. May 2019
  Ken Gaiden EP. 2: The son of Hokage. (Ken Academy) Update full ep. Jan 2020.
  Ken Gaiden EP. 3: Team 7 The bell test. Update full ep. Jan 2020
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.1: Team 7 Mission 1: The Exorcising Mission? August 2020
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.2: Team 7 Mission 2: Copy Tsukune (Soon…)  
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.3: Team 7 Mission 3: His life is worthless than insects (Soon…)  
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.4: Team 7 Mission 4:  (Soon…)  
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.5: Team 7 Mission 5: Kill Uzumaki Naruto (Soon…)  
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.5: Team 7 Mission 6: Liar (Soon…)  
      Ken Gaiden EP. 3.5: Team 7 Mission 7: (Soon…)  
  Ken Gaiden EP. 4: Ken, Chūnin Exams. July 2020
  Ken Gaiden EP. 5: The team leader. October 2020
  Ken Gaiden EP. 6: The Arrest Mission. Jun 2019
  Ken Gaiden EP. 7: The Cunning boy.  (Soon…)  
  Ken Gaiden EP. 8: Photo. (Soon…)  
  Ken Gaiden EP. 9:  (Soon…)  

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Ken x Mibuna
Ken x Mibuna
4 months ago

I want Ken and Mibuna together😭 will you make it happen please????😭💖

Reply to  Ken x Mibuna
3 months ago

hey cutie 🥰 is you looke cute

Jada Fox
Jada Fox
4 months ago

This needs to be official

4 months ago

i’m really excited about chapter 3 and i want to know what’s going to happen

Rayan Shahid
Rayan Shahid
5 months ago

There are some chapters inaccessible.
And some miaaing pages.
Is there some other site you posted them on or smth?

Judha Sivakumar
Judha Sivakumar
Reply to  Kakashi Mina
4 months ago

When will that be I’m curious about other new content also will there be more action or more Jutsu used fighting abilities in the unknown world part 3

Ya girl
Ya girl
8 months ago

When will the summer one be posted?

8 months ago


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