Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 3: Team 7 The bell test.

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Alright let’s continue with the next group. Rika, Sunsho and Taishiro, you guys will be Team Three.


Mibuna: I am so glad that we are in the same team.

Tsukune: By the way, why is the Jōnin from our team the last to come?

[Ken’s Team, 12-year-old Genin]


Tsukune: He should be punished for that.

Mibuna: You’re totally right!

Ken: Hey, hey, leave me out of your punishment.


Ken: When will you stop playing around? You guys are not kids anymore. No Jōnin will fall for your trap.

Tsukune: Quiet. You sound like Iruka-sensei with all that complaining.


[*door’s opening]

Tsukune: There he comes!!


Damn! That’s…!!


Naruto: Haha! Sorry kids! I ran into some trouble while…

[Uzumaki Naruto, 26-year-old]



Ken: Naruto-nii chan!!?

Tsukune: Eh!! Uzumaki Naruto??


Naruto: Who did this?! Ken! You did it!!?

Ken: Wait… Wait!! I’m not… Awww!!


Naruto: Baka! You are not a kid anymore.

Ken: How did I manage to get dragged into this mess…?

Tsukune: Naruto-sensei is our Jōnin team leader? That’s perfect!!


Naruto: Yes, I’m your sensei but I’m not a Jōnin so technically I’m not allowed to lead a team. However, this team is an exception.

Tsukune/Mibuna: Woahh! Fantastic!!

Ken: (I see. It must be my dad’s order.)


Naruto: So, I’ll test you guys to see if you can work as a team.

– Teamwork?


You guys have to take the bells from me.


Ken: Take the bells from Naruto-Nii Chan? You gotta be kidding… I would surrender.

Naruto: I’ve told you to call me sensei. You bastard!


Naruto: If you give up, you have to go back to the Academy. Do you guys want that?

Ken: No! Are you serious right now?!

Tsukune: Stop kidding around. I don’t wanna go back to Academy, Ken! We got lucky that they put us in the same team with Naruto-sensei as our leader.

Mibuna: Yeah. It took us a lot of effort to graduate from the Academy!


Ken: Can’t we do something easier?

Naruto: Nope. This is practice for Team 7, you know!

Tsukune: Well then. I will prove I can be a Shinobi so I can become Hokage in the future. So, I will be doing my best to take the bells from Naruto-sensei!


Naruto: Well said, Tsukune. This means we’re opponents now. Come on guys, let’s get started!

Ken: Hey hey.. you seem to be hyperactive. This bastard…

Tsukune: We don’t have a choice, man. Let’s begin, Naruto-sensei!


Ken: Even if we have a 100 shadow clones we will not be able to beat Naruto-Nii Chan… I mean sensei? What can I do? I don’t want to waste my energy and why are there only 2 bells?


Tsukune: What the heck are you doing there? Don’t you remember? Sensei told us to work as a team.

Ken: Yes… yes…


Ken: Tsukune, your wind release and Mibuna‘s water release work very well together, so you have to stand by her side until I give you a signal.

Tsukune: Eh…Really?

Mibuna: Got that, Ken-kun.


Naruto: Ken is truly the leader of this team. He is clever and strong. Ken truly is Kakashi-sensei‘s son.


Tsukune: Well, Naruto-sensei.

Naruto: This sounds fun. Come on!




Ken: First, we have to cut off Sensei‘s freedom of movement.


Naruto: Your Taijutsu and agility are good enough, Ken!







Tsukune: He did it!

Mibuna: That’s fantastic, Ken kun!


Ken: Mibuna! Tsukune!

– Got it!


[Suiton (Water Release)]


[Fūton (Wind Release)]



[Lightning Barrier]




Naruto: They planned this so well that there is no way for me to escape.



Naruto: They are skilled enough.



Naruto: Above!? When did he come?!


Naruto: I see. He used his shadow clone to distract me so I wouldn’t notice he’s actually above my head.


[Lightning Mesh]





Ken: He could have run away with only a blink of an eye. Naruto-sensei truly is a legend. Who on earth could snatch those bells from him?


Tsukune: Oh, come on! There’s no way we can take the bells from Naruto-sensei!

Ken: I’ve told you that at the beginning.

Tsukune: Why didn’t he consider holding his punch back? Nope nevermind, he might have already held his punch for us.


Mibuna: Ah! There is one bell dropped over there.

Tsukune: No, come on! That is noticeably a trap.


Ken: Another sensei would have used that as a trap but knowing Naruto-sensei he probably dropped it by accident because he’s so clumsy.


Naruto: What did you just say?! You bastard!

Ken: Haha, there he is! He fell into my trap.


Naruto: Aham! Well done, guys. Ninja must see things insightfully and go beyond their strategy.

Tsukune: I think no one will fall for this cheap trick for sure, sensei.


Naruto: Shut up! Come and take the bells from me!!

Tsukune: Why did he get so angry all of a sudden…?

Ken: We can’t fight you anymore, sensei. I have used up all my chakra.

Naruto: You guys are such a….!


Ken: Okay, Fine! I have only one special move left!

Naruto: Good job, Ken. Come on!


Ken: Let’s make a deal for exchange!!

Naruto: Hah?


Ken: I wanna exchange those two bells with…


Ken: 10 bowls of ramen for free!!

Naruto: What…!


Naruto: You are…


Mibuna: Stop kidding around at a time like this, Ken-kun.

Tsukune: If the sensei gets angry, he might fail you. You bastard!

Ken: I am.. not kidding…


Naruto: Can’t you just be serious about becoming a ninja. You jerk!

Tsukune: Hold on, sensei!

Mibuna: He was just kidding!


Naruto: It must be 30 bowls to make a good compromise!! You cheapo!


Ken: Hah… You are too strict, Naruto-Nii Chan! Seriously? 30 bowls? (Noo…my pocket money)

Naruto: I told you to call me sensei! If you don’t want to accept my offer, you guys can come and take the bells. You bastard!


Ken: Okay! Got that… 30 bowls…

Naruto: Good job! HAHAHA.


Naruto: All right… All three of you pass the test!!


Yay!! We passed the test by offering him a treat!


[Epilogue 1]


Naruto: These three have good teamwork. Even though they failed at getting the bells, it was the right choice to let them pass.

Mibuna: Ah! There is still one bell over there.


Naruto: Eh!?


[Epilogue 2]


[Break Time]


Naruto: And then, I jumped to protect Sasuke from the weapons. He was very clumsy and always got us in trouble!

Tsukune: Woww! Awesome! That’s our Naruto-sensei!!


Naruto: Yeah… He was the troublesome one in the team. Haha!

Ken: (That isn’t what I heard. Why is Naruto-nii chan’s version different from the one my dad told me? … Whatever.)


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