Ken Gaiden EP. 3.3: Life that worthless than insects.

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Help! Help me, please!!


Leave me alone!!





Naruto: HA!


Tsukune: Ah, it’s so overgrown. Why is the village we’re going to in the middle of a forest?

Mibuna: That’s right, there isn’t even a road to the village.

Naruto: Come on, we almost reached the village.



Ken: Oh, Mibuna, a giant caterpillar is clinging on your bag.


Mibuna: K..Ken-kun.. Don’t joke around like that.

Ken: It’s true, it’s there.

Tsukune: Oh, that’s right, it’s a really big one.


Ken: Oh, it’s already climbing up there.


Mibuna: Ahhh!! Take it out!!

Ken: Hey!



Mibuna: Take it out, Ken-kun, take it out!!

Ken: Okay, okay.. Just stay still…


Ken: Here it is, I took it out. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Mibuna: Take it away!!

Ken: I..I’ll put them over there in the bushes…


Tsukune: Normally you are so tough so I can’t really understand how you can be afraid of worms?

Mibuna: Shut up!!


Mibuna: I’m not like Ken-kun. He gets along with all kinds of animals.

Ken: What are you talking about?


Ken: I don’t think they look scary at all. Look, they’re fat and cute.

Mibuna: Take them away from me. BAKA!




Village Leader: I’m very grateful to the ninjas from Konoha who traveled all the way to our village so they can help us here.

Naruto: You’re welcome. Please tell us all the details.


Village Leader: A few months ago, a group of ninjas from nowhere came to our village. They came to offer us jobs. Anyone who agrees to work with them will immediately receive a large amount of money in advance. But everyone who went with them never came back.

Mibuna: Why!?

Village Leader: They claim that everyone is still working, so they can’t come back to the village but I don’t believe what they tell us. I think something bad happened to the villagers who went with them.


Village Leader: But even so, there are many families who want to go with them in exchange for that money. As you can see, our village is very poor. Even I can’t stop them from going with those ninjas. As the village leader, I can’t bear to see so many people leave their families to earn money for their families like this.


Village Leader: So please find out about my villagers and please deal with these ninjas for us too.

Naruto: Understood. You can trust us!



Villager: Hey, they’re back!


Female Villager: You came back. How about my husband? He hasn’t come back yet? I want him to come home now.

Ninja: Don’t worry too much. He still wants to continue working for a lot of money to make you guys happy.

Female villager: B..but this is too long. Can I contact him?


Ninja: Sigh. Here’s the money your husband gave you. Stop asking about him.


Woman Villager: I don’t need any money. I said I wanted to contact my husband. Can you take me to him?

Ninja: Damn. I said your husband doesn’t want to come back yet. Take the money and step back!


Ninja: Well, we need one more to go to work. Anyone else interested? This time you guys will get a lot of extra money!


Village girl: Regardless of gender, right?

Ninja: Oh!


I will go with you guys. I want to earn money to take care of my parents. They are very old. Please take me with you.


Ninja: Wow! Who is this beautiful girl? I didn’t know that there would be a beautiful girl in this village. Sure, girl. We’d be happy to take you with us, haha.

Ninja: Oh, but it’s a pity too, haha.

Naruto: What are you pity about?


Mibuna: You idiots. If you fall for our Sensei’s trick you guys will get in trouble.

Ken: This Jutsu is useful.


Villager: No, take me instead. I want to work with my husband. He’s been out with you guys for months. I want to meet my husband, please!

Ninja: You again?


Male Villager 1: No! I told you that this time I will go.

Male Villager 2: Pick me instead. I will work hard. Please give money to my family!

Ninja: Sigh, I told you we can only take one person at a time.


– Take me, please, I’m begging you!

– No, you have to let me go first!



Villager: Thank you very much for choosing me to work with you guys. If my family doesn’t get this money from you guys we will be in trouble forever.

Ninja: It’s okay, I like helping people anyway.


Naruto: Don’t get too close. The other party was ninjas, they might be aware of it.


Tsukune: Unbelievable. Why do they still want to go with these ninjas if they know that the people who went with them never came back

Naruto: Because they want to do this for their family.


Female Villager: I won’t let you go. You don’t even know when you’ll be back. Our child has just been born.

Male Villager: We need money to support our child. I’m going to make a lot of money and come back to you and the baby as soon as possible, I promise.

Ninja: If you don’t change your mind, just come.










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