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Ken facts 1; Ken is overprotective when it comes to his loved ones.
[Interview with Ninken; Genki and Dane]

Genki: Ken-chan, he never lets us fight our enemies even though we’re hunting ninja dogs. He only keeps using us to track the enemies or to search for information. He is so annoying!

Dane: The 6 Hokage said that Ken-chan had watched a sad movie once where the dog, who was the best friend of the protagonist, died while going on an adventure together. Then he cried and was dismal all day.
Genki: Haha, that guy can cry. Because of this, he avoided watching sad movies again.

Genki: But even so, we are hunters. I’ve never been afraid of danger! He’s always worried and overprotective of us. He’s always been like this!


Ken facts 2; Ken is the type of guy who doesn’t cry or shows his weakness to others.
[When Ken was 10 years old, he cried after watching a sad movie. Kakashi tried to comfort him, but he remained depressed all day.]

Ken: I don’t remember it at all!!



Ken facts 3; Because of his high protector instinct, he always loves to take care of his loved ones.
[Even though he has a lazy habit.]

Ken: Today I will be cooking for us.
Mina: Why is my son so damn cute!!
Ken: Oi, momm!



Fact 4; Ken is the type of guy that likes to sit next to girls who he feels close to. 

[Ken always sleeps on his mothers lap.]

Ken: Well, it’s because women are softer than men.  They are just like cats and I don’t like getting close to men.



Ken facts 5; Ken is the type of guy who doesn’t like to argue with people. (He likes to compromise and doesn’t like to overcome people.) He always loses when he’s in an argument with someone, especially women. Ken dislikes fighting with women but he’s always protective over his friend and doesn’t care if they’re women.
[His catchphrase is; yes yes (はいはい。Haihai). He also can say sorry pretty easily.]

Tsukune: Ken is actually a calm person but sometimes it’s easy to get him mad since he doesn’t have much patience.



Ken facts 6; Ken is not picky about food and he doesn’t like wasting food. He doesn’t have a particular favorite food. As long as it’s delicious, he will eat it.
[He also likes sweets, cakes, ice cream, but he doesn’t eat them that often.]

Mina: Ken likes sweets but his father doesn’t. The food he really couldn’t eat was spicy food. I really like to eat spicy food.

(On Valentine’s Day he gets a lot of chocolates, so he always gives it to the children.)





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