Hatake Ken (Special shot): Ken with his parents when they were young.

This is special part.

I made for those who want to see Ken travel to the past to meet his parents when they were young.

This is just a sketch and it’s not a full chapter yet. I can’t finish it soon.




Kakashi: Mina, who is that?

Mina: Kakashi, look at him! He said that he is my cousin who lost me since childhood. He looks really cute and so handsome, doesn’t he?


Ken: (Is that dad!? He looks awesome!

Kakashi: Cousin? Are you trusting people too easily? You’ll be easily fooled.

Mina: But he’s still young, probably only 15-16.

Ken: Well, I’m 18 now…

Kakashi: What proof do you have that you are her cousin?

Ken: (Wow, he’s jealous.)


Ken: You want me to prove it? Then look at our faces. We are very similar, right?


Kakashi: What are you doing!? Back off!

Ken: Wait, calm down. You told me to prove it.

Mina: (This boy is so cute!!)


Kakashi: YOU…

Mina: Kakashi, come on, he’s just a kid.



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