Hatake Ken Special 1: Mission rank S Protecting 6th Hokage.

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Thanks for help me to translate from my friend steviekins96


(Refer from Boruto Naruto next generations ep. 106-111)



Ken: Excuse me.


Ken: Naruto sensei!!

Naruto: Ken, what’s wrong?


Ken: It’s an emergency!

[Hatake Ken (18) Former team 7, he is Naruto’s student and he is the son of Sixth Hokage.]


Ken: Please let me do a mission with the Sixth Hokage.


What do you mean?

[Uzumaki Naruto The Seventh Hokage]


Ken: I mean add me in the team to be more effective in protecting the Sixth Hokage.

Naruto: No, you can’t. Mirai has already been assigned to the mission. Putting two great ninjas on the same mission is unnecessary.

Ken: What…


Naruto: They’re not going to just travel around, idiot. This mission takes a couple of weeks. I can’t let you go but I’ve already got a new mission for you. I wrote down all the information you need.


Ken: This is a joke, right? Naruto-sensei…


Shikamaru: It’s okay, Naruto. It’s been a while since he did a mission with his father. You can assign another Jōnin to do this mission.

Ken: Shikamaru-san…


Naruto: Sigh, alright. Just this time, okay?


Ken: Yatta! Thank you, sensei and Shikamaru-san! I’ll head out now!

Naruto: Hey! You don’t know the details for this mission yet.


Naruto: He’s… like a child.

Shikamaru: Haha! He is so happy to join his father.


[This background taken from Boruto anime.]


Ken: Yo! I did it, dad!

Kakashi: You’re finally here.


Gai: You did it! Haha!

Kakashi: Such a stubborn child.

[Hatake Kakashi, The Sixth Hokage and Might Guy, Kakashi’s best friend.]


Ken: Your name wasn’t on the mission‘s list either, Gai-san. It looks like we’re both pretty stubborn!

Gai: I’m free! I didn’t run away from other missions like you did.


Ken: I’ll stop arguing with you. It’s a waste of energy.

Kakashi: When Ken found out that you’re coming with me on this mission, he complained that we were traveling in secret. That’s why Ken wanted to follow us.


Ken: Noo… Please let me go with you! Naruto-sensei always gives me weird missions like catching some strengthened guys. I’m going crazy. Please let me travel with you, daadd.

Kakashi: I am not going to travel for fun. Hey, stop pulling me.. The pants are falling down! Try to negotiate with Naruto yourself!


Ken: Stop talking, dad!

Kakashi: Hey, I can’t breathe.

Gai: Haha! You’re a real stubborn boy.


Gai: Ah! Mirai is coming!


Mirai: Eh, you’re going with us, Ken-senpai?

[Sarutobi Mirai, Kurenai’s daughter, her mother is Kakashi and Gai’s friend.]


Ken: What’s up, Mirai-chan! I haven’t seen you in a while. Did you miss me?

Mirai: What Are you talking about? We always see each other when I’m on my way back home.


Kakashi: Whatever. Mirai, our mission requires us to pretend like we’re villagers.Don’t let others know that we are Shinobis. You should change your outfit.

Mirai: Eh? I am sorry.


Mirai: (I’m so excited! It must be a very dangerous mission if they assigned two shinobis to protect the Sixth Hokage.)





Ken: Calm down. It’s nothing…


Mirai: I…I knew that!

Gai: Haha! Your ears are getting red.


Ken: Ah! That’s right. So cute.


Ken: Woah, now your face is red too.

Gai: You are such a straightforward idiot.




Ken: Hey, I’m kinda hungry. Why don’t you guys just go ahead and I’ll take a quick bite at this shop.

Kakashi: No way.


Gai: Kakashi! Let’s play darts.

Kakashi: Sure!

Ken: As I thought! They secretly came here to play around!


Mirai: Why are they so relaxed? Isn’t this mission S-rank?




Ken: Oh dear! These two old men’s skills are way too rusty.

Gai: What did you just say? This is not the same as normal Kunai. If you don’t believe me, come try it out!!


Ken: Of course, keep your eyes on my skill.

Mirai: Seems like you just want to play for fun, don’t you? Ken-Senpai!!



Gai: Ahahaha! Yours is even worse than mine.

Ken: ……


There must be something weird about this Kunai’s internal mechanics for sure. I shall cut it open for checking!!


Kakashi: Stop destroying other’s stuff!


Kakashi: Allow me to say sorry for this on behalf of my moron son.


Kakashi: Finally, we are here.

Gai: It’s the place where you always wished to come, Kakashi.


Kakashi: The hallowed ground.


Mirai: What is the hallowed ground? It seems very important, isn’t it?

Ken: Umm… It is just a movie location from his favorite book; Icha Icha Paradise. Just ignore it, Mirai-chan.


Mirai: ”Icha Icha Paradise”? What is the book about? I want to read it too.

Gai: I can’t tell you yet, It’s too soon for you…


Ken: Trust me that the book isn’t that interesting. Just about some man and woman that..

Mirai: Eh?


Gai: Shut up, baka! Kakashi, your son doesn’t know that girls are kinda sensitive huh?

Mirai: ?


Ken: I can finally relax! Traveling all day has been so tiring.

Kakashi: It’s because you were going back and forth, stop complaining.



Ken: Hey, dad…

Kakashi: Humh?


Ken: Mirai-chan is still guarding you… She’s going to catch a cold. You told her yesterday that this S mission isn’t that real but she’s guarding though. She’s so headstrong.

Kakashi: Umm.. She is a pro-worker. Not like you.

Gai: I think it’s because Mirai doesn’t trust you. Haha!

Ken: Gai-san! I’m not going to sneak out today!



Mirai: Eh!? Ken-senpai!


Mirai: Why is he blocking them? Did he see me?



Kakashi: Hey! Gai!


Mirai: Damn it! He saw me and teased me again…


Ken: Where did she go? I haven’t taken off my pants yet.

Gai: Stop that!!

Kakashi: Ken, why did you tease her like that?

Ken: Who told her to watch men like this, dad? She should realize that.


Mirai: Ken-senpai. Are you making fun of me?

Ken: Oh! You showered? Yesterday, you didn’t shower because you were watching my dad ‘till the bathroom was closed. Haha.


Mirai: Shh!

Ken: Ah!

Mirai: (Quick responsiveness. Idiot!)


Ken: Do you think your genjutsu will work on me? Give it a try, kid.


Mirai: Get your hands off your eyes!

Ken: No way.


Ken: Alright. Okay.


Let’s see that Genjutsu of yours now.


Eh! Let go of me, Ken-senpai!


Ken: See? Even though I look into your eyes you can’t perform your Genjutsu since you can’t do your hand seals. You should try other things.

Mirai: Heh!!


Mirai: You are too close, senpai!



Ken: You are so mean Mirai-chan…



Ken: Please stop laughing at me, Gai-san! You understand the pain of men too, don’t you? Hah! Wait… Dad, you too?!

Gai: I’m sorryyy. HAHAHA!!


Ken: Why did dad and Gai-san have to see that! It’s embarrassing.

Gai: What are you talking about! If I missed this scene, it would have been bad. You always make a good day for me! Haha!


Ken: I just taught her to be more careful when using her Genjutsu. Why did she do this to me?

Gai: You deserved it. Why do you tease her all the time anyway?


Ken: That’s because she’s cute. She’s tempting me to tease her.

Gai: Hey, hey. Your straightforward way of talking will cause misunderstanding.


Kakashi: Are you hitting on her?

Ken: No, dad. Who wants to hit on her. She isn’t like a girl at all.


Gai: Mirai, where have you been?


Mirai: I went to get some dessert for you.


Ken: Hey, dad, do you think that she heard me?

Kakashi: Probably. Especially that last sentence.


Mirai: I bought buns for you too, Ken-senpai.

Ken: Okay!! She definitely poisoned them. She’ll kill me!

Gai: You should stop getting on her nerves, baka!

Mirai: (Did he say I was cute?)




Ken: Mirai-chan, why aren’t you sleeping yet?

Mirai: Ken-senpai.

Ken: Are you shocked that the mission isn’t real? Don’t worry. It was just an excuse for those old men to travel. You can take a rest.


Mirai: And you are about to go out because the mission isn’t real?

Ken: W..what are you talking about..?


Ken: So do you.. You can’t sleep?

Mirai: I was just thinking aimlessly, not about the mission. Seeing you with your father kinda makes me jealous.


Ken: Me and my dad? Haha, normal thing.

Mirai: If my father were alive, would I be close to him like you?


Ken: Asuma-san? I see…


Ken: Of course! You would have been close to him just like me!


Mirai: You really think that? I want to be with him like this.


Ken: Here! Just think about my dad as your dad! I’ll be your brother, too. Doesn’t that sound good?


Ken: I always wanted to have a sister! If it is you, it would be perfect!

Mirai: Really?

Ken: Yes!


Ken: Then, please take care of dad, okay? There’s something interesting that I want to check out. By the way, you can continue traveling tomorrow. You don’t need to wait for me. See you! Okay?



Mirai: Brother? BAKA!!


Mirai: Ken-senpai! Even though the mission isn’t real, he should have protected Kakashi-san, shouldn’t he?

Kakashi: Haha. That’s him.

Gai: Haha! Such a playful kid.


Mirai: Last night I felt better because of him, baka! He is joking around.


Ken: Sup! You’re late.

Mirai: …………

Gai: Speak of the devil, here’s he.


Ken: Mirai-chan, water?


Mirai: N..not thirsty.

Ken: Are you sure? Your face looks red, don’t you want to take a sip?

Gai: Hey, I’m thirsty too. Ask me.

Ken: There’s a store in the front, Gai-san.

Gai: What..


Ken: What’s wrong with her..?


Kakashi: Any update?

[Ken’s notebook which he uses to write mission’s information. He normally doesn’t write the data, he only memorizes it.]


Kakashi: Got it. It seems that we are going in the right direction in searching for the missing girls mission.



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This is amazing, absolutely amazing

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Hello, can I ask a question?
How do you draw these paintings well?
Do you use special software for this?

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Make it into manga version

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2 years ago

This is seriously good, I'm gonna read more as it's more interesting then the damn Naruto fillers in the anime lamo

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