Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 7: The Photo.

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Tsukune: Hey…



Ken: H… Hey….


Tsukune: What? Only a simple „Hey”! Why are you avoiding us? Have you ever consider us as friends? The least you could have done is think about us since we were teammates.

Ken: Wait…

Mibuna: Tsukune.. just relax!


Tsukune: After the incident, you left Team 7 without giving us an explanation. You even left the village. For the last two years you’ve been hiding from us. Why did you do this?!

Mibuna: Tsukune, I said relax. We’re not here to fight with Ken-kun!


Ken: Sorry…


Tsukune: I expected from you to say sorry even though you didn’t do anything wrong. Damn it. I know how much you tried to protect us that day… Because of the guilt about that time, you left the team and avoided us, right?

Mibuna: Ken-kun, we never thought it was your fault at all!


Ken: It’s not just that … I can’t be the team leader. I can’t see you guys get hurt, don’t you know?

Tsukune: I understand! I don’t want you to be my leader because I know that you always pressure yourself. I don’t want you to be like that!


Ken: Eh?

Mibuna: We just don’t want you to hide from us like this… That’s all, Ken-kun.


Tsukune: Even if we are not on the same team and not doing missions together, that’s fine. I just want to be friends again. Can you not hide from us again?


Mibuna: We… including Taishiro and Sansho, everyone misses you so much, Ken-kun.


Ken: Really… I see…. So…


I’m sorry for… everything…



Tsukune: Stop apologizing, you idiot. Come here, we have a lot to talk about. We need to see Sansho and Taishiro first.

Mibuna: Hey, when did you come back?

Ken: I came back before Naruto-sensei became Hokage. My dad wanted me to stay in the village to help him out with a couple of missions.


Mibuna: Eh? A solo mission? What kind? Oh, you are taller than before!

Ken: Well, there were so many! I had to catch thieves or spies and also gather some information. You know my dad. He is bossy.

Tsukune: Wow, I’m so jealous! I haven’t done any missions since you left. Plus, Naruto-sensei is always so busy ever since he became Hokage. We rarely meet with him.



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1 year ago

true i have read this manga over and over ii just love it keep it up plz 😁😁😍😘

Ken Hatake
Ken Hatake
1 year ago

I miss Mirai

1 year ago

I m waiting 4 the this chapter

1 year ago

Your story is soooo niiiice! I love it!

1 year ago

Waiting for the next chapteeer��

2 years ago

I have read this manga over and over again,I just love it so much it is so cute and funny,keep it up plz.

2 years ago


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