Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 6: The Arrest Mission.

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Thanks for the translation from my friend steviekins96


Ken: I found you.


Ken: The blood knife killer, Missing-nin from Kirigakure.


Ken: He doesn’t look easy to catch… seriously?





Man: A straight attack? And you’re all by yourself? Is this kid looking down on me?


Man: Hmm…. Konohagakure’s Shinobi?


Man: If you came alone then it means you’re either stupid or very skillful.

Ken: Of course I’m skillful.


Prove it!!







Ken: Woah. The information I got was right. This man is so brutal. He’s pretty muscular and really fast as well.

Man: Oh. You dodged my attack. You’re good.


Man: I think it’s time to fight seriously.

Ken: What? Are you saying you just played with me?



Ken: Wait, wait. This is considered cheating!

Man: So what? You’re not as cocky as in the beginning from our fight.




Man: You’re almost as fast as me.

Ken: Stupid! I am better than you!


Ken: There’s a chance I’ll be killed if I don’t do something right now.


Man: HA! What happened? Where is that arrogant behavior of yours now?!!


Ken: Jezz!!



Ken: Damn it! He ran away again!!


Ken: Do you want to play a game?


Ken: Maybe I should summon my Niken and…. No, he’s way too fast. I can’t risk it.


Ken: Well… Let’s play a game. Who will be the lucky one.



Man: Using your clones to find me? Stupid.

Ken: You never know what will happen.





Ken: That way!!



Man: Haha! You’re lucky… clone? How long can your luck last…

Ken: Shit! So fast.


Ken: If he doesn’t approach me, I cannot catch him. But it’s too dangerous if he comes near me.




Ken: Missed it! I wasted my clones!


Man: Unbelievable. You’re a lucky man. Left the real one here? Honestly, I thought I would have more fun with you.

Ken: Damn!!


Man: Die!!





Ken: Lightning Mesh!!… changed yourself to a weapon!?


Man: All of them were…clones? …You planned this from the beginning?

Ken: Woah! He’s so stubborn. Can’t you accept your defeat?


Oh, it’s not like that… I’m not good at preparing a plan because I never follow it directly. …Actually, I had to change my plan in the middle of the fight because I didn’t think you would be this fast.


Man: So…. This is why Konoha only sent you to get me…?

Ken: Sorry not sorry. I am a genius.


But most importantly, I don’t underestimate my opponent.




Ken: Don’t worry. You won’t die, just wanna make sure that you won’t wake up before we reach the village.


Ken: Sigh…why do I always get such hard missions lately? Why isn’t the Seventh Hokage giving me missions to protect cute girls?


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1 year ago

I love the way he uses the Shadow clone and Lightning style
A combination of his father and his sensai

1 year ago

muito bom essa lutas, se fizer mais ia ser muito legal

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